(i) Cancers

  • Risk factors analysis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma in Nagaland, oesophageal cancer in Assam and stomach cancer in Mizoram

(ii) Malaria

  • Development of a module for malaria control in forest based camps
  • Detection of multi drug resistant falciparum malaria
  • First detection of a focus of Plasmodium ovale in north-east India
  • Detection of very good antimalarial property in an indigenous plant.

(iii) Japanese encephalitis

  • Development of an early warning system for the occurrence of Japanese encephalitis in Assam

(iv) Filariaisis

  • Development of a module for control of filariaisis in tea garden set up

(v) Trematode infections

  • Detection of foci of paragonimiasis in NE India and development of a ELISA kit for identification of Paragonimiasis
  • Development of rat model for Paragonimiasis
  • Demonstration of dermatitis in paddy field workers due to non human schistosomes in Assam
  • Detection of new foci of food borne infections like Heterophyesis, Clonorchiasis and Faciola hepatica  in north-east India

(vi) Entomology

  • Discovered, described and named three new mosquito species viz. Uranotaenia dibrugarhensisVerrallina assamensis & Armigeges mahantai
  • Seven new country records of mosquitoes reported viz. Aedes ostentatio, Armigeres joloensis, Culex peytoni, Cx. variatus, Cx. alienus, Cx. quadripalpis, Tripteroides tarsalis

(vii) Hypertension & CHD

  • Finding of differential in hypertension prevalence in different ethnic groups of NE India